Dear Montessori Parents,

First and foremost I would like to welcome all our children, old and new, our parents, old and new, and of course my truly fabulous staff, Suraya, Sharon, Christene, Senzi, Fikhile, Bongi and Richard, our gardener. Welcome to a new year at Ballito Bay Montessori Pre-School.


We have been back in full swing for just under a week and I am delighted to report that the settling in period for our new children has gone very smoothly. They are all beginning to adjust to the Montessori routine. I would like to thank our new parents for their co-operation in this regard. It may sound tough, but be reminded that the onus is really on you, to help settle your children.  It is sometimes hard to see your child take his/her first step to independence. So, as a parent, the better you cope with this, the quicker your child settles into his /her new learning environment. Therefore, the fact that all our new children have settled so quickly is thanks to you!  I would also like to thank our ‘older’ children for their assistance in settling in their new friends, they have all been a great help. Well done everyone and Thank you.


Parent Observations.

Several year’s back I was given a very constructive suggestion by one of our Grade ‘R’ parents to have ‘compulsory’ Observation mornings at the school for the three groups rather than group meetings. I thought it was a great idea as our evening meetings really dwindled to only one or two parents attending. We are aware that time is precious and so the “Observation mornings” was immediately implemented into our school calendar.  

We will therefore begin our Observation mornings from Monday 17th. February 2020Thursday 5th. March 2020,  for the parents of children in Caro’s Group, (School Readiness group). A list of dates and times will be posted on the board in due course. Please write your name on the list and diarise once you have decided on a suitable date, as reminders will NOT be sent out. Only one set of parents to come in at a time please.

Observation dates will be available for several weeks, Monday to Thursday,  from ± 8:15 to ± 9: 00 am for an Observation and verbal feedback. This time will give you as parents, an opportunity to see how the school works and in turn gives your child the opportunity to show mum and dad around the school as well as the work they are doing. It also allows for you as the parent, to chat to all the Directresses about your child’s progress.

The rest of our parents / children  will also be given the same opportunity. Therefore, the parents of children in Suraya’s Group will be invited into the school in the months of April / May and the parents of children in Sharon’s Group will be invited into the school in the months of August / September.

We do expect that every parent take advantage of this opportunity and come in, so please ensure you are able to organise an hour off work once you have secured a date. Thank you.

These Observations are a vital and an important part of the school calendar, and will allow you to see the progress your child makes over a period of time. Thank you for your co-operation. 

Important Dates for Term 1:

Saturday 25th. January 2020 Chinese New Year : Year of the Rat (this week’s project will focus on this theme)
Friday 14th. February 2020 Valentine’s Day (children to wear something red)
Sunday 16th. February 2020 World Whale Day (this week’s project will focus on this theme)
Monday 17th. February 2020 Parent Observations start for Caro’s Group.
Tuesday 3rd. March 2020  World Wildlife Day (this week’s project will focus on this theme. Children to bring a picture of their favourite wild animal to school for a collage)
Friday 13th. March 2020 “Open Morning”  8h30 – 10h30   An opportunity for prospective parents to come and see our school in action.   All welcome!
Friday 20th. March 2020 Start of School Holidays.

School closes at 1J:JJ am.   Aftercare OPEN until 17h30.

Saturday  21st. March 2020 Human Rights Day  (Public Holiday during school holidays)

(the last week of term’s  project will focus on this theme)

Tuesday 31st. March 2020 School reopens for the start of 2nd. Term.




This term is a busy term for Celebrations, i.e. Chinese New Year, the year of the Rat,  is on Saturday 25th. January 2020 Each group will be making crafts related to the Chinese New Year.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Friday 14th. February so we would like to ask that on this day the children wear something red! Each group will make crafts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Other themes we are covering is Grace and Curtesy, Personal Hygiene and Health, World Whale Day, World Wildlife Day, i.e how can we save this precious resource around the planet, etc.



We have stream-lined the aftercare schedule to be more theme focused.  Examples of activities are listed below:

Monday : Free Drawing and basic craft skills. 

Tuesday : Sports Day (games such as hopscotch, ball games, skipping, hoola hoops and running with bean bags, water play)

Wednesday:  Arts & Crafts (beadwork, sand art, cloth painting, painting, card making, play dough)

Thursday : Arts & Crafts (see Tuesday’s examples)

Friday : Arts & Culture (stories, drama, dancing, musical instruments)



Every Monday we do “News Pictures”.  This is an opportunity for the children to draw a picture of what their activities were over the weekend.  Their respective teacher then writes down (verbatim from the children) what the picture is about.  This is such a wonderful way to measure and keep a track of the language improvements over time, as well as monitor the correct “pincer grip” when holding a crayon and improve overall creativity with ‘free’ drawing.  We urge you to discuss the events of the weekend with your children on the way to school every Monday morning so that their recall is fresh and they have lots of ideas and news to share.



Tuesday 11h00 – 11h30


12h30 – 13h30

Soccer Starz


Tots ‘n Pots (Jenna)  (pending)

Wednesday 10h30 – 11h00 Dance Mouse (Danielle)
Thursday 09h00 – 09h30 Actionball (for the younger group) (Jenna)
Fridays 08h30 – 09h30


10h30 – 11h30

Playball (for the older group) (Josi)


Music Box  (whole school, included in school fees)


We will hand out relevant fliers of all the intra/extra murals once all the demos have been concluded this week. If you would like your child to take part in any of these activities, please fill the forms and return to school asap. Thank you.


School Readiness Group.

We have a lovely, small  school readiness group this year and for the readiness activities we will complete the work as one group, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 noon to 12:30pm. In this way we guarantee that the children are getting almost individual attention.  All the children cover exactly the same work.  We will start the school readiness activities this week!  


School Correspondence

All correspondence will be done via email and a ‘broadcast Whatsapp group’ for reminders. This includes

School Reports, Monthly Statements, Newsletters, Reminders and general correspondence between parents and the school. Therefore, please let me know if email addresses and / or contact numbers change at any time.  Thank you.

Can you please add my number (082 925 4440) as a contact on your phone if you use “WhatsApp” as this also is a very effective communication tool for reminders, etc. in broadcast messages. 

As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Thank you,

Caro and “Team”,  Suraya, Sharon, Christene, Senze, Fikile and Bongi.