Daily Routine



07h15 School Opens. Children pack lunch boxes and bags and take out activities.
08h00 – 08h15 Using music and Walking on the Line we prepare for the day.
Morning Greeting
08h15 – 10:45m Work Cycle
10h45 – 12h00 Outdoor Play and Activities
12h00 – 12h15 Afternoon Ring
12h00 – 12h30 School Readiness for Grade ‘’R’s

Morning Greeting

Morning greetings are done in a fun and exciting way through listening to lovely music and walking on the line, sitting and ‘creating the space’ and moving onto greeting songs, date and weather and self-acknowledgement. This is very grounding for the children and that is why we encourage the parents to get the children settled at school before 08h00. We also cover the ground rules and grace and courtesy as per the Montessori curriculum.



Work Cycle

The children are encouraged to work freely through the four different Montessori areas; Activities for Everyday Living, Sensorial, Maths and Language. Theme projects, news pictures, art and culture are covered near the end of the work cycle. On Mondays and Fridays we also include some Zulu lessons.



Snack time starts at approximately 09h00 during the work cycle. Children also prepare fruit on a daily basis which is shared out amongst the children during free outdoor play.


Afternoon Ring

This is the time when children are encouraged to pack together their belongings. We encourage emotional expression and the school morning comes to a calm and peaceful conclusion through story-telling, feedback sessions and song.



On Friday’s we adjust the daily routine slightly to include Baker Baker and our Intra-Mural Music Box and our week comes to a happy end as we come together as a whole group and express ourselves in song and dance.


Commitment to Your Child

The Montessori philosophy is a way of life involving order, structure, discipline and diligence. Your child will thrive if school and home maintain the same values. It will be to your child’s maximum benefit if you commit to enrolling him / her for a full three year cycle, from the ages of 3-6. Children who complete the full three year cycle are typically well grounded, confident, diligent and proficient in language and maths by the time they leave our school.