About Us

About Us

We are a very well established Montessori school in Salt Rock, (27 years), with a full complement of well qualified and highly experienced Montessori Directresses and it would be my pleasure to show you around our school. Our ‘home from home’ Montessori School has been providing excellent quality Pre-School education in Salt Rock / Ballito and surrounding area for the last twenty-seven years.


Our dedicated, professional and fully qualified staff is all exceptional Montessori Directresses with many years teaching experience (combined ± 60 years).



Instill a Love of Learning through Wonder and Awe


Through Routine / Boundaries encourage each child to have a Voice, a Say and to take Responsibility


Through Empathy, Observation, Humbleness, Respect, and Acceptance, work as a Team with a Positive Attitude to achieve Results


Teach the values of Equality, Trust and Honesty through clear Communication.


To foster and nurture the Natural World / Community Green Issues / Health and Safety.


“Don’t learn to do, but learn in doing . . .”   Unknown

Comparison of some aspects…



One age classes

Vertical Grouping – three year age span within one class

Teacher motivated and centred

Child centred through self-motivation

Teacher corrects work

Child uses self-correcting equipment

Teacher provides discipline

Environment encourages the development of self-discipline

Focus on group learning set at pace of the class

Individual learning with pace set by the individual

Use of reward and punishment as motivation

Environment and equipment provides opportunities for Self-motivation

All children treated alike

Differences and similarities in developmental stages as well as learning styles acknowledged and accommodated